Hi, my name is Céline Oberlé.
I landed in Brooklyn - NY, almost two years ago, off a plane coming from Paris.
My american adventure is over, so I am looking forward for new excitement, this time in Montréal, QC starting February 2010.

Here I am now as a graphic designer:

I had the chance to work for MusicNation.com, a social community that gathers artists and their fans.
My job was web-oriented. I designed several web applications [match box, music/video player], re-designed the website, created ads, skins for contests.

In the meantime I worked for Original Signal Recordings’ artists by creating album covers, merchandise, ads and myspace designs.

Besides, I was involved in very interesting projects as the sexy green ecozine and the omaroma brochure for which a did the layout, also the global health web application design and functionality.

To have a more detailed view of my professional and educational background, feel free to download my resume.